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Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

We invite you to join us each Sunday at 11:00 a.m. for our regular time of Worship so we can get to know each other as we prepare to be a light to the world in the weeks ahead.

We hope to see you there!!

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

BIBLE STUDY – ‘Tell Me the Stories of Jesus’

Fridays, 2:00 pm

Christian Education Centre

All Welcome!!


Impact Youth Group – Open to youth ages 11 to 18
Mondays, 7:00 to 8:00 pm
Smiths Cove Fire Hall
This is a non-denominational youth program


Walk Thin ExerciseALL WELCOME!!

Classes Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9:30 – the Christian Education Centre

Thoughts for 2018

Monday, March 26th, 2018

Please visit our link on the left: “Thoughts for 2018”.  Each week we will be adding the new “Thought or Two” from Pastor Leon Langille.  These entries provide us with some food for thought as we venture into the work week ahead. The most recent entry is also posted here:

A Thought or Two: April 15 -21

On June 6, 1944, three American officers huddled together in a bombshell crater on Utah Beach, France. They realized the tide had carried them to the wrong place on the beach. They decided that they would start the battle from where they were. They needed to move forward from a difficult position.
Saul, also found himself in a difficult position, needing to make a decision after meeting Jesus on the road to Damascus. Suddenly, he realized that his entire life was in the wrong place. He had been wasting his time and energy; and while doing that he had ruined many lives, as he persecuted and arrested many of his fellow Jews, who had become Christians. There was only one question of significance, at that crucial point in his life: “Lord, what do You want me to do?”(Acts 9:1-9).
There are times we all find ourselves in places and circumstance s not planned. Whether we find ourselves in a wrong place as those officers on Utah beach, or, as St. Paul in the wrong place in life, all together, the Lord always calls us to move forward under His guidance. All we have to do, is accept the fact that this is necessary and expected by our Lord (Philippians 3:13-14)

Blessings to you and yours this week
Pastor Leon


The Kenaans – an Update

Sunday, December 25th, 2016

End of the Year Kenaan Family Update

December 22, 2015 was the day of arrival of the Kenaan family to Digby. It has been an interesting and blessing filled year. When the idea was presented of helping a refugee family, there was mixed emotions of the unknown, but knowing that it was the right thing, we moved forward. The Kenaans have certainly blessed us with their move to Digby. We have made very strong connections with each family member. Two parents that were brave enough to move 6 children across countries, just to have a safe home and future. We commend their ability to do what was necessary for their family.
Shekrallah and Rima are doing well in English classes and are making more independent connections in the community. They have been introduced to all professionals (doctors, dentists, banking, employment counsellors, YMCA outreach) and have made many friends, including local translators. The four oldest children are doing well in school. Supports are in place where needed. Molham has been enrolled three days per week at the pre-school and attends the other two days at Family Resource Centre. As well, supports are in place to help transition him to the elementary school in September 2017. Saadallah continues at the Family Resource Centre while his parents attend class…
The Kenaans have been very busy attending various community events (Christmas tree lighting, meeting Santa, a few Christmas parties, and friends’ invitations). In recognition of their one year in Canada, the team surprised the family with a visit on December 22, 2016. It was a true celebration of carols, fellowship and sharing of food, with gifts for each family member.
The team had the opportunity to participate in a webinar December 19 titled: ‘Moving Ahead….Past the 13th month’. We have been blessed with the continued support through information provided on how to move forward.
Shekrallah continues to wait for surgery on his leg so he can then look towards employment. The team has decided to continue to support the Kenaans for the next six months. The Kenaans will continue to participate in English classes and work towards being active members of the community.
The team has also decided that this will be the last public update of the Kenaan family. They deserve their private life and now can willingly share on their own. We pray that Digby will continue to be welcoming and helpful to them, and we will continue to be emotional supports.
We would like to say a huge “Thank You” to all the supporting churches. We appreciated your contributions, prayers and active interest. To the general public, from helping to ready Grace House to dropping off supplies and continuing support this whole year, we thank you. To all the professionals that have come on board through education, employment, medical, dental and social activities, job well done! To all team members, “Blessings for you ahead”, “It’s been a God-driven year” Thank you so much!
God has led us on His journey with the Kenaans (pushing, prodding and always encouraging) All glory and praise belongs to Our Father
Matthew 22:37-39 Jesus replied: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’
May God’s rich blessings be with you in 2017.
The Hill Grove United Baptist Church Refugee Sponsor Core Team

To Let Go Takes Love

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

To Let Go Takes Love
by Dr. Margaret J. Rinck

Several people expressed interest in the poem by
Margaret J. Rinck, used in last week’s message. Here it is:

To “let go” does not mean that I stop caring; it means that I
cannot do it for someone else.
To “let go” does not cut myself off, it is the realization that I
can’t control another.
To “let go” is not to enable, but to allow learning from natural
To “let go” is to admit powerlessness, which means the
outcome is out of my hands. It is in God’s hands.
To “let go” is not to change or blame another, it is to make the
most of myself.
To “let go” is not to care for, but to care about.
To “let go” is not to fix but to be supportive.
To “let go” is not to judge, but to allow another to be a human
To “let go” is not to be in the middle making arrangements for
all outcomes, but to allow others to effect their own destinies.
To “let go” is not to be protective, it is to permit another to
face reality.
To “let go” is not to deny, but to accept.
To “let go” is not to nag, scold, or argue, but instead search out
my own short comings and correct them.
To “let go” is not to adjust everything to my own desires, but
to take each day as it comes, and cherish myself in it.
To “let go” is not to criticize and regulate anyone, but to try to
become what I dream I can be under God’s guidance.
Blessings to you and yours this week
Pastor Leon Langille

Important Notice

Friday, January 15th, 2016

You may have already seen on Facebook or heard about this information report/warning from Dawn Thomas, Digby and Area Seniors’ Safety Program. Please spread the word.

Dawn Thomas of the Digby and Area Senior’s Safety Program has let us know that there may be people going door to door soliciting donations for refugees.
“WARNING: There are no registered volunteers canvassing for money for the Syrian refugee efforts in the Town and Municipality of Digby. If someone comes to your door asking for money, ask for identification and call the police. 902-245-2579.”
ANY time someone solicits funds, make sure you ask for I.D. In Digby groups who are canvassing door to door are suggested to apply for a “canvassing permit” from the town. Ask to see it.

If you would like to donate to Hill Grove Baptist Church Refugee Sponsor Group, please: send by mail to Hill Grove Baptist Church 3301 Ridge Road, RR#2, Digby NS B0V 1A0, contact our Facebook Page or one of our core team members.

With how important this work is and the generosity that has been shown towards our efforts, it would be a shame to have desperately needed money diverted elsewhere. Thank you again for your continued support.