Important Notice

January 15th, 2016 by Patsy Lewis

You may have already seen on Facebook or heard about this information report/warning from Dawn Thomas, Digby and Area Seniors’ Safety Program. Please spread the word.

Dawn Thomas of the Digby and Area Senior’s Safety Program has let us know that there may be people going door to door soliciting donations for refugees.
“WARNING: There are no registered volunteers canvassing for money for the Syrian refugee efforts in the Town and Municipality of Digby. If someone comes to your door asking for money, ask for identification and call the police. 902-245-2579.”
ANY time someone solicits funds, make sure you ask for I.D. In Digby groups who are canvassing door to door are suggested to apply for a “canvassing permit” from the town. Ask to see it.

If you would like to donate to Hill Grove Baptist Church Refugee Sponsor Group, please: send by mail to Hill Grove Baptist Church 3301 Ridge Road, RR#2, Digby NS B0V 1A0, contact our Facebook Page or one of our core team members.

With how important this work is and the generosity that has been shown towards our efforts, it would be a shame to have desperately needed money diverted elsewhere. Thank you again for your continued support.

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