During the New Year let us resolve to:

  • put Christ before my church or any secondary allegiances we may have in community.
  • put the spiritual before the material, and the eternal before the temporal.
  • put God’s word before the opinions of others, regardless of how close they may be to me in my journey in life.
  • put Jesus before all of my inclinations, thoughts, and practices in life.
  • constantly be in prayer, not only in my times of need but in my natural discourse in living.
  • put Jesus before all other teacher, so I may walk more by faith and not by sight.
  • live, in order to give, not to get.
  • strive, the Lord being my helper, to walk humbly with the Lord each day, moment by moment.
  • put more of the Lord Jesus into what I do, and less of me.

Blessings to all at this Christmas time.

Pastor Leon